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Orije Johan - Information about us and our Business
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Information about us and our Business

Picture of 1965In the beginning there was My Grandfather ( Orye Gerard ) who started this business. At first they where growing fruit trees and other garden plant and some roses. We do not know when the company was founded, this knowledge was lost. I must be from before the second world ware.

My father (Orye Jozef) started to work in the business at a very young age, he was 13 years old. It was he who toke care of the nursery and, very important, the roses.

In 1963 my father overtook the company from my grandfather and named it “ORYE Boom- en Rozenkwekerij”. From than on my father gat more rose varieties in his assortment , the business grew and soon they founded an NV. At the end of the great oil crisis in the eighties the company got bankrupt.Garden Centre
After a short time my father opened a new company named “Groen Centrum Orye” This company grew and became a success. The assortment of roses offered for sale was never greater. In 1987 My father started his first experiments, trying to create his own roses. And with success. In 1995 The rose Poustinia® became a success and won many prices on several rose trials. In the coming years more roses where introduced.
In 2001 the company changed its name to “ORYE Rozen Centrum”.Green Centre

At the end of the year 1999 I (Orije Johan) got interested, on some occasions I helped my father selecting the seedlings and other roses. I also started helping him with the administration.
In 2002 I made the first website for my father. I still do.

At the end of 2005 the business was stopped. My father got ill, there were a few roses that were launched but with minor success. Because my fathers illness the roses and his garden where not maintained as it should have. So at the end of 2006 I tried to clean everything up and tried to look for a buyer who was interested in his roses. But doing this I more and more saw the potential of his roses.

This initiated the reopening of his business on 23 March 2007. I over took the business and started it on a part-time basis. We specialize in growing an selling roses that are strong and are trying to promote the roses of my father.

On 23 February 2008 our father passed away. We still miss him every day.
This made it for us possible to buy the complete business with the house of my father. The legacy of my father is not nothing. In the coming years we will launch some more roses he created.

We also started with creating new varieties. Its is our goal to create new roses that are sound and are easy to maintain. So every body can plant some roses in his or hers garden.

After all, Flowers are magnificent, but Roses are something different.

Orije Johan.


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